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As the sector leaders in benchmarking, we collect data from schools in their key business areas and turn it into real information, helping you to make informed strategic decisions.

Our benchmarking surveys have such a high level of participation that we are able to provide the most reliable data available in the sector today. We then offer bespoke surveys on a school by school basis which help you to structure and resource your offering efficiently, guaranteeing your success and adding the most value to your parents and pupils.

Financial Benchmarking Survey

The Independent Schools' Financial Benchmarking Survey is the most authoritative source of financial information on the sector available today. Covering 75% of all ISC pupils, it has grown over 26 years to become the official financial survey for the sector, supported by ISC, ISBA, AGBIS, HMC, GSA, IAPS and ISA.

Participants receive a free published report covering overall market intelligence and can commission a bespoke report comparing their school's key ratios against a small group of most comparable peers. An example of our Custom Benchmark report is below.

The survey is launched every January and any non participants can contact us below to purchase a report

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Custom Financial Benchmarking Survey

Using data from the Financial Survey, this bespoke report allows schools to compare their own school’s financial performance and key ratios directly with other peer schools. Although we are not allowed to compare a school with a specific list of named schools, we can work with you to agree suitable peer group so that you can see your data against your most comparable schools.

Download Example 2023 Report
Teacher Pay and Benefits Survey

The Teacher Pay and Benefits Survey is the most detailed and authoritative information available for the schools sector in the UK. Participants into this triennial survey receive a bespoke report, comparing teacher pay structures only to a peer group of most comparable schools, and our approach to this service cuts through OFT compliance regulations to give schools comparative information on incremental scales, progression, allowances, benefits SMT pay, pensions and much more.  

Take a look at an example bespoke report here.

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Parental Affordability Survey

The Parental Fee Affordability Survey is a bespoke service which we run on behalf of schools to understand their parental bodies. Hosted by us on behalf of each school who commissions this work, this survey asks parents the most important and sensitive questions about their attitudes to affordability and childcare on a completely anonymous basis. As parents feel comfortable answering these questions to a third party, we can collect information on their earnings, how they pay fees, their working lives and struggles with childcare, whose answers inform your decisions on fee structures, bursary policies, length of school day and holiday offering.

View our example report.   

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Common problems

In the last 10 years we have spent advising schools with their key business decisions, we have found a number of common issues faced by schools in the independent sector, both from the data we've collected and through getting to know each of our clients.

Automatic pay scales

Many UK schools have operated long and automatic pay scales, historically to feed final pension arrangements and to reflect very little movement of teachers between careers. With pension arrangements now based on average salaries and informing a different attitude from teachers about career paths, these structures are no longer fit for purpose.

Short pay scales and subsequently large allowance bills

A classic issue found in day schools who have historically reflected the state sector in their scale, teachers reach the top of short scales quickly, giving leaders only one way of differentiating between teachers; further allowances for further contribution.  This has meant huge allowance bills in place of real contribution acknowledgement.

The TPS contribution hikes

The TPS contribution hikes had an enormous financial impact on every school in the country, forcing school leaders to consider their options and to decide whether remaining in the scheme is financially viable going forward at worst, or a best use of resources at best. This decision also informs how best to remunerate and reward teachers to ensure that strategic objectives are met in a financially and culturally sustainable way.   

Teacher Numbers

Often when schools lose pupil numbers, they will keep the same number of teachers and run the timetable or split class sizes to accommodate the additional resource, which can lead to issues with teacher wage bills and school offerings which reflect staffing issues more than they reflect school strategy and parental needs.

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