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We collect sector leading data through our extensive benchmarking surveys, which we turn into information and advice to fit every client’s unique cultures and strategies.

We use your peer to peer data, along with a thorough understanding of what makes your school unique, to put structures in place which maximise your resources in ways which incentivise staff, deliver your offering and realise your strategic objectives. ... 

We have helped schools of all sizes and types, both in the UK and abroad, to streamline costs and focus resources, so that they are able to survive financial pressures and stand head and shoulders above the competition with a true confidence in what they stand for.

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We transform data into actionable intelligence and advice

There are two strands to our business; the data we collect across numerous school business areas, and our commitment to understanding how every school we work with is unique. By using both market data and a thorough understanding of school cultures, we are able to give the right advice to schools on their business models and strategic plans.

Finances How should you structure your business model to ensure you are making best use of your resources? Do you have the right fee structures and bursary policy in place? We can help schools to develop their financial KPI's , improves surplus levels resource their offerings efficiently
Teacher pay consultancy Need a pay structure which is competitive in your market but reflects your culture and strategic objectives? We take reliable data and a true understanding of your school to create the right structure to truly incentivise your teaching staff and reward them competitively for what they give to your reputation.
Teacher workload analysis Is the time deployment of your teachers both cost effective and in line with what you are trying to achieve as a school? This tool shows in great detail the answer to this question, and informs strategic discussions about how to make the best of your most invaluable resource- your teachers.
Parental affordability How much should you put the fees up this year? What resources are your parents using to pay your fees? Is your bursary policy and fee model reflective of parents’ circumstances? Our confidential survey asks the questions that parents want to answer but that you cannot ask.
Vision 360 Are your strategic plans commensurate with values held by your stakeholders? Do values change depending on which stakeholders you ask? What makes you unique against the competition? Our biggest deviation from benchmarking to date, this service informs and validates not only your strategic plan, but decisions on how your financial models should support it.
Strategy From Strategic awaydays to conferences, to full on strategic reviews, we use our experience and data across all our service lines to understand every school and steer each client's strategic discussions into the right direction.every client we work with.

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